Для 6х классов

Таблица временных форм глаголов и их временных указателей, которую нужно знать ученикам 6 класса,обучающимся по УМК "Enjoy English" М.З.Биболетовой и др.

V/Vs (it,he,she)
every day/week-
каждый день/неделю
to be (I am/he,she,it
 is/we,you,they are)
 + V-ing
at the moment-в данный момент
am, is,are
just-только что
yet-ещё не
since-с тех пор как
for-в течение
вспом.глагол: have/has

last week-на прошлой
a year ago-год назад
in 2011
глагол: did

next week-на следующей неделе
in a week- через неделю
in 2020
вспомогательный глагол: will/shall
Как пользоваться табличкой при выполнении грамматических заданий:
1. Читаете предложение,переводите на русский язык.
2. Находите в предложении временной указатель.
3. По временному указателю определяете время.
*если временной указатель отсутствует, смотрите,какая ситуация в предложении описывается,когда происходит действие. например, Look!Tom ___(to play) football.
Look- посмотри,значит,действие происходит в данный момент речи,сейчас,а это временные указатели времени Present Continuous, смотрим табличку,получаем следующее, раскрыв скобки-Look!Tom is playing football.
4. Данный глагол ставите в нужную временную форму по формуле таблички,обращая внимание на число и лицо подлежащего,на тип предложения (утвердительное, отрицательное, вопросительное). Помните,что в вопросе порядок слов меняется (Have you done your homework? Are you doing your homework now?)
* частичка to нигде уже не пишется,так как она показывает,что глагол является инфинитивом и отвечает на вопрос- что делать?
*вспомогательные глаголы нужны,чтобы сделать предложения отрицательным при добавлении к ним частички not (don't/ isn;t/ didn't/ won't) и вопросительным(вспомогательный глагол на первом месте- Does he go to school every day?/ Are they writing a dictation at the moment?)
Индивидуальное задание:
This is my house.

Hello! My name is Peter and this is my house.
   My house is quite big. It has got two floors -the ground floor and the first floor. It has also got an attic and a basement.
   On the ground floor there is a hall, a kitchen, a pantry, a living room, a big dining room and a toilet.
   On the first floor there are three bedrooms, one bathroom and a big corridor. My bedroom is between my parents’ bedroom and the bathroom. My sister’s bedroom is in front of mine.
   I love my bedroom,but I also like the attic. In the attic I keep some of my books and my old toys. I like to spend my time there because it is very spacious and there is a big sofa there where I sometimes take a nap.
   The basement is where we keep a washing machine,a drying machine and an old stuff.
   At the back of the house there is also a garage, where my parents park the family car, and a lovely garden, with many green spaces, flowers, two swings and a small swimming-pool.
   I love my house! It’s very comfortable and cozy.
I. Fill in the table about Peter’s house
Peter’s house
1.Number of floors

2.Rooms on the ground floor.

3.Rooms on the first floor

II. Match the antonyms.

crampy (тесный)

III. Answer the questions about the text.
1. Is Peter’s house big or small?
2. How many floors are there?
3. Has his house got an attic?

4. Where is the living room?

5. Where is his bedroom?

6. Why does he like to be in the attic?

7. Where are the washing and drying machines?

8. Has Peter’s house got a garage?

9. What can you find in the garden?
10. How many bedrooms are there in his house?
11. Does Peter like his house?

Home task (Домашнее задание на 06.05.2013г.)
1. Learn one of the roles from the dialogue:
Dialogue "Birthday Party"                                                                    
-Happy Birthday,...!
+Thank you. By the way, I'd like to invite you to my Birthday Party.
-Oh, really? When and where are you going to celebrate it?
+Come to my place at 4 p.m. tomorrow.
-Are you going to cook special dishes or buy some food in the restaurant?
+My mother will help me to cook everything for the party.
-If it's not a secret, what is she going to cook?
+Different salads, roast meat, smashed potatoes and many sweet things.
-It sounds delicious! Have you decorated your room?
+Of course, I have. With balloons.
-Will there be any games for your guests?
+No doubt! It will be a surprise for you.
-Hope, this day will be unforgettable!
2. Think of a new holiday.

Create a new special day or festival using the ideas below:
My new festival or special day is called _________ (name)
It’s going to be on __________________________ (date)
There’s going to be _______ and ___________ (events)
Everyone is going to _____________________ (activity)
Everyone is going to eat ____________________ (food)
People are going to buy ____________________ (items)
Nobody is going to _______________________ (activity)
It’s going to be ______________________________ 
(“fun”, “interesting”…)

Home, sweet home!

По просьбам очень желающих ...
"At the supermarket"
London Zoo 
Have fun whilst learning about the animals in Animal Adventure!
Game - здесь вы можете поиграть в очень интересную игру с подсказками!
А ТУТ -вы можете узнать много интересного о разных животных и запомнить названия новых животных!
Интерактивная карта Whipsnade Zoo - карту можно увеличить и посмотреть информацию о каждом животном на карте!
_____________________________________________________ Домашнее задание на 10.10.2012 : ex.26 p.86 Finish these sentences in writing (in your exercise books).
1.  D. Defoe was ...
2. He wrote ...
3. This story was based on ...
4. The book was published in ...
5. It immediately became ...
6. Defoe made his story so realistic that ...
7. Defoe didn't write his book for ...
8. But every child knows ... 1) how he ...
                                             2) how he ...
                                             3) how he ...
9. D. Defoe wrote many ...
10. But for "R. Crusoe" he is called ...

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