Для 5х классов

Starlight 5
Module 3
Day After Day
Hometask "Daily routines"
Watch a short video about Santa's day. Make notes in your exercise book. Tell your teacher what Santa usually does in the morning, at noon, in the evening.

Start with: Let me tell you about Santa's day. Santa is a ... . In the morning Santa gets up at ... .
Module 2
East, West, Home's Best
Hometask 24.10.2016
Watch the video and give answers to the questions. Send me your answers, using the form on the right, do not forget to write your name and surname.

1) Is there a fireplace in the Robinsons' house?
2) Where do the Robinsons relax?
3) How many cups of tea per day does the average British person drink?
4) What do the Robinsons do in the dining room?
5) What is Tom doing in the dining room?
6) What rooms are there downstairs in the Robinsons' house?
7) What rooms are there upstairs in the Robinsons' house?
8) What is Mrs. Robinson?
9) How many children do the Robinsons have?
10) What is English people's popular hobby?
11) Who is the fifth member in this family?
12) How many percent of British people live in flats?
13) What is the most famous home in Britain?


1. Visit the bears' house and play there. Click the picture.

2. Maze. Find the way, the words on topic "Furniture" will help you.Click the picture.

3. My house. My bedroom. Read the interesting book and do different tasks. Click the picture.

Revise colours
Module 1 
Ordinals and Dates
Countries and Nationalities
1) Play "Hangman" game ("Виселица")
2) Enjoy singing songs.

Hometask (Домашнее задание на 06.05.2013г.)
Text for the retelling (текст для пересказа):
London is the capital of Great Britain. It is a very old city. It is 2 000 years old. London is not only the capital of the country, it is also a huge port.

            London is situated upon both banks of the Thames. There are 17 bridges over the river.
            The population of London is about 9 000 000 people.
            London has got 3 parts: the City of London, the West End and the East End.
            The City of London is the oldest part of London. You see narrow streets and pavements there. There are many offices, firms and banks in this part of London. The City of London is the financial center of the United Kingdom.
            The West End is the centre of London. There are many sights in the West End. They are, for example, the Houses of Parliament with Big Ben.
It is interesting that the clock “Big Ben” came into service in 1859. Big Ben is the biggest clock bell in Britain. It weighs 13.5 tons.
            There are many museums, libraries and galleries in London. The Tate Gallery is one of the well-known galleries in London. Henry Tate was a sugar manufacturer. He was fond of paintings and collected many pictures.
The British Museum is a very interesting place in London. It was founded in 1753. The library of this museum has a lot of books.
            The East End of London is the district for the working people. There are many factories, workshops, docks there.
            One can say that the City is the money of London, the West End is the goods of London, the East End is the hands of London.
What to see and do in London - ссылка на видео о достопримечательностях Лондона

Повторяем цифры,тренируемся в произношении и написании: ЗДЕСЬ
Учим цифры,играя: здесь
Цифры от 1 до 20: здесь
Цифры от 50 до 100: здесь

Количественные и Порядковые Числительные: здесь

Поём все вместе!!!

-Исключения существительных во мн.ч. в играх: JigWords, MatchWords и SpeedWord
Повторяем Past Simple:здесь

Степени сравнения прилагательных и наречий

I. Write down the forms of degrees of comparison
1.      quick –
2.      young –
3.      many –
4.      good –
5.      dangerous –
6.      heavy –
7.      strange –
8.      high –
9.      far –
10.  little –
11.  bad –
12.  hot –
II. Open the brackets
                        1. In autumn the days become (cold) than in win
      2. Mary is (clever) pupil in the class.
                     3. The weather got (bad) and (bad) every day.
          4. Which is (short) way to your school.
 5. This film is (interesting) than that one. 
структура to be going to do something

Test "to be going to do something" Ф.И. класс

1. Как переводится на рус.яз
структура "to be going to do something"?

2. Какое грамматическое время выражает 
структура "to be going to do something"?

3. Назовите три формы глагола to be 
в настоящем простом времени. 

4. Приведите пример утвердительного предложения 
со структурой "to be going to do something".

5. Как образуется отрицательная форма предложения 
со структурой "to be going to do something"?
Приведите пример, 
сделав предложение из №4 отрицательным.

6. Как образуется вопросительная форма предложения
со структурой "to be going to do something"?
Приведите пример, 
сделав предложение из №4 вопросительным.

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